Dangling a Carrot

21/7/18 – Suffolk Water Park, Big Lake.

Up and at ’em, on the road by 5.30am today! A. Nagging itch convinced me the time was right to throw three rods in the direction of another big lake blank. Scorching weather all day naturally made for tough fishing. I started with two rigs on the deck, plus the third rod set up as a floater rod.

Just before 11 the right hand rod signalled a slow take and shortly after a bream of about 4lb slid into the net.

Towards the middle of the day the fish started cruising. I glanced over to my left and it looked like someone was playing around with a marker float. I suddenly realised though that it was the lake’s most notorious resident ‘The Carrot”.

One of your 5 a day

This 30lb+ bright orange lump absolutely loves the sun and its appearance normally sends people into a mad surface-fishing frenzy. It’s not hard to see why.

Not my prize veg, unfortunately.

Anyway, the right hand rod trickled off again and i lifted into what felt like a slightly better bream, which appeared to follow the regulation bream battle plan, until just a few rod lengths out when it felt like it had climbed into a discarded shopping trolley. I dragged the trolley a couple more yards before the hook finally pulled. I’m still convinced i lost a pb bream right there.

So another Big Lake carp blank notched up. Must be almost a dozen now.

More unfinished business.

I’ll be back.


19/6/18 – Kirton Hall Lake

A week off work allowed for a most welcome mid week day session and a steady recovery from a recent bad back dictated a straight forward, no-frills trip to Kirton, but still hoping for a few hard-fighting carp in the process.

I arrived at 7.15am and there were two others already setting up. That left me needing to choose from the remaining 52 pegs on this long 6 acre freshwater lake. A welcome luxury.

Two days earlier, there had been a match on the lake, with the winner bagging 64lbs of fish and second place netting 50 something pound so i was happy the lake was producing well in most areas.

At the wider, deep end of the lake i found a few fish topping out and plenty of bubbling so i put a couple of rigs out on top of some spod mix, while trying to get some feeding action going on top, with the surface rod at the ready.

A slow take produced the first fish of the day – a bream of around 2lb.

As the sun was out, i swapped this rod for the surface approach and despite struggling with attention from ducks, i managed a couple of carp, one at 10.30, the other at 11.00.

10lb recent stock
11lb recently stocked mirror

Bizarrely, when i landed this second fish and placed it on the mat, i rolled it over to reveal it’s little stripy buddy. Where the hell did that come from!?

“Say hello to my little friend”

I then struggled for a long while with no action on the deck, and with the duck activity on top. I finally managed another one off the surface at about 2.30pm and that was to be all for the day.

9lb mirror

A great day in gorgeous surroundings. What more can you ask for?

Taking the biscuit

27/5/18 – Somewhere in Suffolk

My intention for this blog was always to report each session, good or bad, exactly as it happened, blanks an’ all!

Due to various other commitments though, the trips this year have been few and far between, however, since my one reported overnight session a few months ago, i have managed two more undocumented trips. The first, a fruitless visit to Melton (expected), and the second, two weeks ago, another non-carp affair with an intentional last minute consolation tench (frustrating as hell).

So, today meant only one option – guaranteed bites. 

When i first happened upon this little lake a couple of years ago, the bailiff regaled me with a story of two young boys hauling 50 carp out in a day between them. A feat i have since decided is entirely possible. Today i wanted to put it to the test so I went armed with a controller float and a bag of dog biscuits. I arrived before 7am to ensure a spot and quickly fired a ledger rig out under the far bank bushes where the larger fish usually patrol. The plan was just to sit this on the alarm and pretty much forget about it while i dealt with the main objective of the day.

I don’t have a huge amount of experience with surface baits and I’m quickly learning that it’s not all plain sailing. The carp will lap up the freebies all day long, but a hair-rigged biscuit will only float for a few minutes and for two casts at the most, meaning constant re-baiting which, with a broken bait drill, is what wasted the most time.

Nevertheless the bites came, and fish started to find the net. I started to realise though that they were beginning to shy at the last minute from the hooked biscuits, presumably due to being able to see the hook. The addition of a small section of pop-up boilie between biscuit and hook, seemed to lift the hook enough to bring the bites back again.

The ledger rod was pretty much inactive all day until late afternoon when i connected with a drop back bite which i promptly lost at the net. I wasn’t bothered though. In the end i lost about 8 carp in total but i’d managed to bag 22, averaging between 3 & 5 pound, with the largest being 8lb. 

Mission accomplished, lessons learnt and spirits lifted, even if i was on my feet all day!

Things that go bleep in the night

31st March – 1st April 2018   Hintlesham Specimen Lake

First trip of the year and it just so happens to be an overnighter. Yay for long Bank Holiday weekends!

I had to fight the overwhelming urge to show my 3 new rods how to blank on the big stage that is Suffolk Waterpark and for once i actually managed it, settling for the far more sensible option of Hintlesham. Progress. I think it actually boiled down to just wanting to get some 2018 fish under my belt, before i go off on my harebrained fools errands.

I set up camp in the rain. Slightly less objectionable than packing up in the rain.  It was a late start (17:00) so making my home for the night my priority, the rods didn’t get out till about 6. I could have paid for an extra rod but from past results, I’m happy with 2 rods at Hintlesham, unlike the Waterpark where 12 rods would be a more realistic set up.

I didn’t go crazy with ground bait or pellet today and just kept it simple, happy in the knowledge that both rigs had found the gravel bar – single ‘cell’ wafter on the hook and a dozen freebies catapulted on top of each. Located by the emergence of the pva rig foam on the surface.

I decided to try and get my head down about 9pm for some early sleep but due to both the suspense and my slight paranoia (“have my alarm batteries run out and is that constant clicking sound the freespool letting line spool off?” Plus “is that rat inside the bivvy and just what the fuck is it gnawing at?”) the sleep was rather sporadic.

2am arrived to let me know that my batteries were still working and like a bewildered green jack in the box i sprung forth towards the piercing wail. Connecting with the fish i could tell it was already kiting left and despite all my efforts to persuade it otherwise, two further alarm tones confirmed it had collected next door’s lines. When my neighbour emerged i had to apologetically tell him to curb his ‘double-run’ excitement. He just flicked both alarms off and headed straight back to his pit, but the embarrassment quickly turned to frustration when i realised that the line had become firmly tangled with one of the low hanging branches of the tree on my left and no amount of pressure was likely to shift it. Not wanting to potentially leave the fish permanently tethered, i opted against pulling for a break and instead switched off the alarm and planned to wait for daylight when the lake’s boat could be used to try and free it.

3am brought a slow and steady take on the right hand rod. Initially it felt like a carp but then it quickly felt like nothing. It was darker now than the last wake up but as my rig left the water my head torch picked out another line attached which i quickly grabbed and proceeded to hand-line in. Attached to a very long length of line was a rather sluggish round common of about 18lb. A quick photo and she was returned rig-free to the water.

Daylight came but it was 8am when the lake owner did his first rounds. The boat had seen better days and had quite a major leak, meaning that, after first emptying it of water, it was a race against time for the owner to get across to me, untangle the line and get back across before the lake claimed him but he made it look easy and he was obviously well practiced. As soon as the line was freed, the fish, still attached, was off like a train once more and i suddenly realised that after all this time i might actually lose the fish. Being still attached to both next doors lines made it hard to get it close to the bank so i had to employ the help of another angler to reach out and net the fish. After a couple of failed lunges with the net, it finally rolled over the cord. What a relief!

A sight for sore eyes – a beautiful golden ghostie of about 12lbs.

Well worth the wait. Roll on next time!

Not about fishing

I’m ashamed to say that i still haven’t managed to get out on the bank this year. 

Scrub that. That’s actually something of a lie, as on more than one occasion, while en route to work commitments, I’ve pitstopped at a nearby lake to stare longingly into its depths. It does seem to ‘help’ to a certain extent. I suppose it’s a form of window-shopping.

Speaking of shopping and retail therapy, i went to the Brentwood Carp Show back in January. It was the Saturday morning (the first day of the show). I hit the outskirts of Brentwood at 9am, just as the doors of the show were opening. It then took me a further 45 mins and a sneaky 5 mile detour (to cut out the gridlock and enter the car park via the exit) before i made it into the show. Brentwood was literally crippled by the sudden mass influx of Carp nuts to such an extent that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone demands a change of venue for next year. 

Once in the sweet shop, i set about seeking out some sweet bargains. Among the myriad items in my haul, i managed to bag 3x new rods – Shimano Alivio 2.75 Tc at £20 each!

Other items include – Shimano glug pots and case, Trakker mug, NGT rechargeable head torch, Rigmarole braids, NGT butt rests, Bank sticks and rechargeable Saber (very impressed with this new company’s range of budget gear) Bivvy light. The whole lot set me back £140 which is crazy-cheap. 

So, all i need to do now is put them to use. Roll on bank holiday weekend and the first session of 2018.

Christmas tree decorations

30/12/17 – Kirton Hall Lake

I can’t believe it’s been 3 whole months since my last trip!

I wouldn’t say i was rusty but it took half an hour to attach the first of my new hand-tied rigs to my main line.

Four! Yes, four attempts! The first three all managing to miss out a, different, key part of the carefully prepared rig. I was literally laughing out loud at how crap i was.

In hindsight, i could have saved myself the time & effort by just walking along the bank a short way and throwing it in the tree where it eventually ended up.

There were only a few bites today. A couple of missed runs from the rod in open water (probably bream) but luckily there was one very welcome present from under the tree which managed to save a blank on the ‘last trip of 2017’.

A beautiful 11lb common

Overall its been an up and down year. Not exactly a plethora of day session fish, but i did manage to get a couple of successful overnighters under my belt at last.

So, plans for 2018 include trying a few new venues that have been on the to-do list for a while, plus hooking up for some sessions with a couple of mates, or as i like to call them ‘photographers’ 🙂

Happy new year to my followers and good luck to you all in 2018, whatever your pursuit.

Busy day at the bank

27/9/17 – Kirton Hall Lake

A week off work enabled a mid week session at Kirton. I arrived expecting to have my choice of any swim but so did everyone else apparently. I settled for a peg only two away from my spot last week, which was actually slightly better as it enabled me to reach the edge of the pads on the opposite bank.

Final tally for the day was four nice commons up to 13lb, one recently stocked fully-scaled mirror and yet another beautiful tench of 4.5lb which I’m pretty sure is a tench pb for me.

Frustratingly, I just don’t seem to be able to up my carp pb which has stood at 18lb 12oz since Jun 2015.

I have got an overnighter scheduled at a new venue at the end of this month which I’m absolutely buzzing about, so fingers crossed I can finally break the deadlock and tempt a twenty!!

Tight lines all!