A bird in the hand

14/7/19 – Kirton Hall Lake

My second trip in 9 months! I toyed with the idea of a potentially fruitless ‘Monster Carp’ hunt, but when you’ve been away from the bank this long, sometimes you just need a dead cert to ease you back into things. Aside from that, a house-move on the not so distant horizon means that funds are tight and as I’ve already paid membership for Kirton, well … you do the math.

Despite a fairly late start (9am arrival) I discovered one of my favourite swims (peg 6) was still free. Result. It was a warm day and pressure was fairly high, but this is the shallow end of the lake and i was determined to catch off the bottom today, as it seems like a lifetime since regular tactics have paid off, so i just needed to prove to myself that i haven’t completely lost my touch. Both rods were started on the deck. One to the pads (in the swim to my left) and the other to the far reed line.

Half hour passed before the first bite from the pads, which resulted in a snapped hook link. Soon after that, the swim was taken so i moved both rods to the far reeds. I lost another fish on the right hand rod and then decided to try the floater rod for a while, as they had started taking some freebies. It proved hard work though due to the bird activity today – a full compliment of ducks, moorhen, coots & gulls, all trying (and managing) to beat the fish to it. So I persevered on and off, switching between surface and bottom tactics.

It seemed like the surrounding pegs were also quiet but the silence was finally broken at about 2.45 with a hard-fighting fish from the far reeds. The noise attracted the angler to my left who thankfully was able to help untwist both rods (as i some how allowed the fish to go under my other line close in, despite having back leads on) and we performed the maypole-style rod dance to free things up. Once the fish was in the net and the second rod back on the pod, the second alarm started chirping. Too much to be the rig re-settling I couldn’t ignore it and lifted into … something anyway, and as long as it takes to wind a rig straight in, a 1.5 lb bream dangled above the water. I unhooked in hand and went straight back to the carp in the landing net.

It went 11lbs and thanks to my fellow fisherman for the photo. Good to know my bottom rigs do still work.

Action was slow after that. I pressed on with trying to work the surface on & off and after fowl play had died down a bit i whacked out a few bread crust casts, finally resulting in a last minute take and a 9lb common, the speed of which I’ve never seen before. I mean, it was ridiculous. One minute it was out on the surface in front of me, and within a second it was in the next swim!

Great fun.

And to round off again, another pheasant arrived for a feed.

Happy days.

Tight lines people.

5 thoughts on “A bird in the hand

  1. Wow! That looks like an absolutely amazing spot to just sit a spell, gather your thoughts (or lose them) and enjoy nature. Loved that pheasant too. Very cute! It must have been fascinating to watch them prance around for food 🙂

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  2. That carp is a real beauty! Cute little pheasant. A careless fisherman left lures out in our local lake in deep south Texas and I spotted a catfish caught on it. I waded out into murky water with alligators and water moccasins to reach the lure. After some catfish wrangling (they are so big and muscular), I managed to release it. It was probably eaten by an alligator immediately afterwards but at least that was an honorable death. 😁 There were some funny looks as I walked back to my car, soaking wet and covered in mud…

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