I’m back baby!

Kirton Hall Lake – 11/6/19

It’s been exactly eight months since my last trip. Eight months! Fucking ridiculous. Not by choice i should add. An ‘imperfect’ storm of work and personal commitments. I think it’s safe to say that there’s no time as slow as that between fishing trips.

Back to the job in hand. Facebook page posts weren’t saying anything so i was praying that the carp had finished spawning as the prospect of wasting my first outing in 8 months didn’t bear thinking about. Upon arrival, bankside reports confirmed they were all done but unfortunately the peg i was hoping for today was taken.

I settled halfway along the lake where there seemed to be plenty of fizzing plus a few fish cruising on the surface. On my last few trips here I’ve struggled to catch off the bottom and today I couldn’t risk blanking so it was one rod on the deck and the other would be on top with dog biscuits. I baited up an area and started the bottom rig about halfway across but conditions dictated that the fish were probably all in the top half of the water column. If i was sensible and more disciplined/organised, then i would have changed to some sort of zig, but that’s not the way i roll.

I later moved this rig to two more ‘squeaky-bum-pin-point-perfection-casting-long-distance-far-margin-spots’ before the sesh was over, but none of them produced even a knock. The surface was where it was at for me today. I kept the floaters going in to the left of me covering a reasonably large area, as the fish were constantly on the move, and i just waited till an area was busy with a few fish before introducing the hookbait. It was hard work battling with old dog biscuits which seemed to only keep their buoyancy for about two mins plus the fish seemed wise of a squared-off brown pop-up so i was having to use and constantly replace hair-rigged biscuits. I might have to invest in a fake dog biscuit or use some king of cork insert (any tips welcome).

Nevertheless i managed to land six fish and lose two. All ranged between about 7 & 10 pounds. I started off trying to take timered selfies but gave up after seeing that the photo of the second fish (& obviously the biggest) was utter shit.

As is normally the case with me when surface fishing, i barely sat down all day, but the rain held off and it was absolute heaven just to be back bankside again.

As an extra little treat, just as i was packing up (after about a dozen ‘last casts’), i had a visit from this confident little fellow. What a perfect return it was and I look forward to being able to do the same again very soon.

As they say – “A bird in the hand… “

7 thoughts on “I’m back baby!

  1. Good to see you back, Matty! And get a decent result into the bargain! 😊

    Sinking biscuits… you could try coating lightly with butter/spread to try waterproof? But then the biscuit would remain hard? I prefer old fashioned bread myself as still reasonably buoyant after a wetting…

    Self timer cameras… I prefer Canon ones as they offer better function than many others (generally 1 or 2 shots at 10 second intervals). The camera I used (Canon Power Shot SX100IS) and now its replacement (can’t recall model but is Canon) have timer functions that allow a delay of up to 60 seconds before the first shot which is then followed by a selectable (up to 9) number of further shots at 5 second intervals… ie at max settings you have 100 seconds to get to fish and pose to get at least 1 decent pic out of the bunch. I use 30 second delay + 6 pics and although at times the first couple of pics are not good due to fish not settling the rest are fine. Very rarely do I need to repeat the exercise, and then usually due to falling over enroute from camera to fish 😂…

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    1. I’ll have to try the butter tip. There was a guy two pegs up who was fishing slow sinking bread flake late in the afternoon and bagged a couple of nice fish.
      The timercam is an app on my phone which is normally ok but I just hadn’t bothered setting up a steady area to set my phone and work out the framing properly so that’s my unpreparedness entirely. I don’t think I could justify another bit of kit to both carry around and also keep safe. I’ve got far too much shit already 😄. Have you taken any decent underwater vids lately?


      1. Not 100% sure that butter/spread would work as I’ve not tried it but as biscuits sink due to soaking in water then just thinking that preventing that happening might improve matters…?
        Could use lard or dripping too (if it works) which would add some taste/flavour?

        Discovered my own usual choice of floating biscuits (Pets Pantry, chicken or beef) seem to have had a change of recipe/composition, and not for the better. They don’t look or feel different – are soft enough to hook into straight from the bag without having to dampen or prep in any way – and used to float well (95%+ floaters) in both varieties and did so for a good 15 minutes or more but I replenished stocks of them a few weeks ago and it seems that the float/sink ratio has shifted to around 10 out of 100! Plus of those that floated most started sinking after around 2 minutes…. Perhaps I’d ‘bad’ bags but as they are single flavour bags and both biscuit varieties showed the same behaviour perhaps not….

        So, for me, it’s either bread (good floating but bulky to carry) or hard biscuits (lighter and less bulky to carry) … and I’ll probably carry one loaf and a bag of biscuits as back up. I have trouble though with getting biscuits pre-dampened to the right level of softness for hooking – either too dry and they crack up or too wet and they fall apart – tried all sorts of recommended ways to do it but never got it right. Now, I just carry small elastic bands to ‘band’ them to the hook straight from dry – and I often dip them in ‘flavour’ and I suppose they soak those in better…

        BTW – Yorkshire Puddings (pre-bagged supermarket variety although you could make your own) – are good BUT quite light for casting so need an online weight (controller/bubble float, etc) to cast any distance AND only one cast per bait as they are very soft especially after hitting the water. They do have an excellent built in bite indicator though – so oily that when a fish chomps down on one it releases a good viewable oil slick that on choppy water is easily seen as the surrounding surface gets smoothed 🙂


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