The rise and fall.

Fri 24/8/18 – Sat 25/8/18, Hintlesham

Plans were made for an early exit from work and a repeat performance of last weekend’s milestone success. Everything was following the script to the letter (apart from the addition of having to administer an injection to a cat), right up to the point where i get to the lake and realise that there are only two swims remaining. No sweat. The lake was clearly on fire, with fish already coming out left, right and centre. Any peg was bound to produce. I was right in the middle of eeny, meeny when as if by magic, the shop keeper appeared to say that they were both booked and would very shortly be occupied. I couldn’t believe it. How short-sighted was i, not to have booked ahead on a Bank Holiday weekend at the peak of the season. Something Phil the shopkeeper/lake owner was also quite eager to point out. I think i might have been able to kick myself harder, had i been able to take a run up. The predator lake had some spaces though. Fuck!

The predator lake contains a good head of sizeable pike, some very large cats and some carp, plus the lake itself, situated on top of a hill and with it’s blue/green water, looks about as man-made as they come. I was just about as moody as the sky.

The wind and rain then arrived so I sat in my cave and sulked for a bit. Once the rain had eased and I’d got my head round the whole situation, i finally got the rods out, opting for the least cat-friendly bait option (Mainline cell). The prospect of catching my first Moggy (potentially up to 70lb), in the middle of a dark, wet night, frankly put the shits up me.

My alarm receiver remained silent through the night, and the constant chorus of alarms from the lake below rubbed sufficient salt into the wound to send me stropping off to sleep.

Daylight improved both my attitude and my bravery so i switched to Sticky Krill boilies on both rods to try and tempt anything that would bite.

I tried my hardest i have to say. Moving the rods every hour, but not being familiar with the lake and with the only signs of life being the occasional pike smashing up the surface fry, i was getting absolutely no feedback to work on. And that was the story of the day.

Hero to zero.

But believe me, i won’t be making the same mistake again.

Book you next time.


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