The Comeback Kid

28/7/18 – Kirton Hall Lake.

Yet again i hit the road this morning still without a definite destination. Sanity did prevail however and i found myself entering the gate at Kirton bang on 7am. The previous night had seen the much anticipated appearance of the overdue thunderstorm which turned out to be a real mother-humper.

One unsuspecting individual had endured a turbulent overnighter at the high-banked shallow end, which had apparently involved watching an incessant mudslide pass through his bivvy, right under his bedchair. By the time i arrived he seemed quite positive that the overnight drama had stirred the lake into life and there was obvious surface activity up and down the lake.

I wished him luck and made my way to the wider, deeper end where fish were topping out all over the place. There was practically no wind, making the surface easy to read so i simply got to work with the floater rod.

The first fish came pretty quickly. A mirror of about 7lb.

I had the fish feeding confidently close in to my left. The next bite took me straight under a fallen tree though and i ended up having to pull for a break. Having lost my swanky Korda controller float, i had to break out the my trusty old (25 year old) DAM bubble float. The next three bites, despite being kept away from the snags, resulted in two snapped hook lengths and one straightened hook. 9lb Guru quick-stop hook lengths, which I’ve never had problems with before.

The wind then picked up sharply and shortly after brought with it another huge deluge of rain which left me absolutely no choice but to batten down the hatches and just cower under a leaky brolly.

When the rain finally blew over, the skies instantly became a landscape artists dream.

I quickly got back to the job of dog biscuit distribution. And there still appeared to be plenty of takers.

A 14lb half-tail common
A slightly tired looking ghost of 11lb
9.5 mirror

By this time, i had also set up the other rod and cast just short of the pads on the far side. After about half an hour i got a hefty drop-back and by the time i wound in far enough to finally connect with a fish, it was halfway across the lake heading straight back towards me. It turned out to be a beautiful 4lb tench.

Oh yeah, and then i broke my landing net pole! Specifically the end where the spreader block screws in. There were already signs of stress, a few cracks here and there and very wobbly, plus the end kept threatening to fall off. But enough about me, on with the fishing 🙂

Another 10lber

Yet another 10lber

What a fantastic day with 8 off the top and another 1 plus the tench off the deck. And great that they were all a decent size too.

Tight lines and Happy Days!


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