Dangling a Carrot

21/7/18 – Suffolk Water Park, Big Lake.

Up and at ’em, on the road by 5.30am today! A. Nagging itch convinced me the time was right to throw three rods in the direction of another big lake blank. Scorching weather all day naturally made for tough fishing. I started with two rigs on the deck, plus the third rod set up as a floater rod.

Just before 11 the right hand rod signalled a slow take and shortly after a bream of about 4lb slid into the net.

Towards the middle of the day the fish started cruising. I glanced over to my left and it looked like someone was playing around with a marker float. I suddenly realised though that it was the lake’s most notorious resident ‘The Carrot”.

One of your 5 a day

This 30lb+ bright orange lump absolutely loves the sun and its appearance normally sends people into a mad surface-fishing frenzy. It’s not hard to see why.

Not my prize veg, unfortunately.

Anyway, the right hand rod trickled off again and i lifted into what felt like a slightly better bream, which appeared to follow the regulation bream battle plan, until just a few rod lengths out when it felt like it had climbed into a discarded shopping trolley. I dragged the trolley a couple more yards before the hook finally pulled. I’m still convinced i lost a pb bream right there.

So another Big Lake carp blank notched up. Must be almost a dozen now.

More unfinished business.

I’ll be back.

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