19/6/18 – Kirton Hall Lake

A week off work allowed for a most welcome mid week day session and a steady recovery from a recent bad back dictated a straight forward, no-frills trip to Kirton, but still hoping for a few hard-fighting carp in the process.

I arrived at 7.15am and there were two others already setting up. That left me needing to choose from the remaining 52 pegs on this long 6 acre freshwater lake. A welcome luxury.

Two days earlier, there had been a match on the lake, with the winner bagging 64lbs of fish and second place netting 50 something pound so i was happy the lake was producing well in most areas.

At the wider, deep end of the lake i found a few fish topping out and plenty of bubbling so i put a couple of rigs out on top of some spod mix, while trying to get some feeding action going on top, with the surface rod at the ready.

A slow take produced the first fish of the day – a bream of around 2lb.

As the sun was out, i swapped this rod for the surface approach and despite struggling with attention from ducks, i managed a couple of carp, one at 10.30, the other at 11.00.

10lb recent stock
11lb recently stocked mirror

Bizarrely, when i landed this second fish and placed it on the mat, i rolled it over to reveal it’s little stripy buddy. Where the hell did that come from!?

“Say hello to my little friend”

I then struggled for a long while with no action on the deck, and with the duck activity on top. I finally managed another one off the surface at about 2.30pm and that was to be all for the day.

9lb mirror

A great day in gorgeous surroundings. What more can you ask for?

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