Taking the biscuit

27/5/18 – Somewhere in Suffolk

My intention for this blog was always to report each session, good or bad, exactly as it happened, blanks an’ all!

Due to various other commitments though, the trips this year have been few and far between, however, since my one reported overnight session a few months ago, i have managed two more undocumented trips. The first, a fruitless visit to Melton (expected), and the second, two weeks ago, another non-carp affair with an intentional last minute consolation tench (frustrating as hell).

So, today meant only one option – guaranteed bites. 

When i first happened upon this little lake a couple of years ago, the bailiff regaled me with a story of two young boys hauling 50 carp out in a day between them. A feat i have since decided is entirely possible. Today i wanted to put it to the test so I went armed with a controller float and a bag of dog biscuits. I arrived before 7am to ensure a spot and quickly fired a ledger rig out under the far bank bushes where the larger fish usually patrol. The plan was just to sit this on the alarm and pretty much forget about it while i dealt with the main objective of the day.

I don’t have a huge amount of experience with surface baits and I’m quickly learning that it’s not all plain sailing. The carp will lap up the freebies all day long, but a hair-rigged biscuit will only float for a few minutes and for two casts at the most, meaning constant re-baiting which, with a broken bait drill, is what wasted the most time.

Nevertheless the bites came, and fish started to find the net. I started to realise though that they were beginning to shy at the last minute from the hooked biscuits, presumably due to being able to see the hook. The addition of a small section of pop-up boilie between biscuit and hook, seemed to lift the hook enough to bring the bites back again.

The ledger rod was pretty much inactive all day until late afternoon when i connected with a drop back bite which i promptly lost at the net. I wasn’t bothered though. In the end i lost about 8 carp in total but i’d managed to bag 22, averaging between 3 & 5 pound, with the largest being 8lb. 

Mission accomplished, lessons learnt and spirits lifted, even if i was on my feet all day!

4 thoughts on “Taking the biscuit

  1. Yep, the frustrations of surface fishing when the freebies disappear into cavernous mouths, or in mini-whirlpools if the fish are sucking rather than mouthing, whilst the hooked bait is totally ignored or just tail slapped… But it’s still the most pleasurable form of carping… and, for me anyway, tends to produce the larger fish. So worth practising and sticking with….


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