Not about fishing

I’m ashamed to say that i still haven’t managed to get out on the bank this year. 

Scrub that. That’s actually something of a lie, as on more than one occasion, while en route to work commitments, I’ve pitstopped at a nearby lake to stare longingly into its depths. It does seem to ‘help’ to a certain extent. I suppose it’s a form of window-shopping.

Speaking of shopping and retail therapy, i went to the Brentwood Carp Show back in January. It was the Saturday morning (the first day of the show). I hit the outskirts of Brentwood at 9am, just as the doors of the show were opening. It then took me a further 45 mins and a sneaky 5 mile detour (to cut out the gridlock and enter the car park via the exit) before i made it into the show. Brentwood was literally crippled by the sudden mass influx of Carp nuts to such an extent that I wouldn’t be surprised if someone demands a change of venue for next year. 

Once in the sweet shop, i set about seeking out some sweet bargains. Among the myriad items in my haul, i managed to bag 3x new rods – Shimano Alivio 2.75 Tc at £20 each!

Other items include – Shimano glug pots and case, Trakker mug, NGT rechargeable head torch, Rigmarole braids, NGT butt rests, Bank sticks and rechargeable Saber (very impressed with this new company’s range of budget gear) Bivvy light. The whole lot set me back £140 which is crazy-cheap. 

So, all i need to do now is put them to use. Roll on bank holiday weekend and the first session of 2018.

One thought on “Not about fishing

  1. Best of luck on your opening gambit!!

    Was hoping for a good day myself today – water at 6.8’C when we arrived, 7.5’C when we left – so rising temps and expected great things. Myself, 10 rudd (to 4oz) and a couple of perch (to 1oz) and Liz a couple of perch (to 2oz) and a rudd (1oz) but she did lose a perch of over a lb almost at the net which would have been her PB. Still time left this year yet though – and off on my last pike session until Oct on Thurs/Friday.

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