Cause for alarm

Kirton Hall Lake – 16/7/17

Back home for the first time in ages. I’m so easily distracted by hunting for ever elusive monsters. Conditions seemed promising with plenty of bubbling and surface activity. kirtonjuly

It could have been such a relaxing day had it not been for the family of four anglers to my left who all insisted on dragging their lines through their full volume alarms to take up the slack immediately after every cast. This is one of my biggest bugs and although I too can occasionally emit a high pitched squeal (normally when I hear one of my alarms scream off), I generally try and keep them as low volume as possible . That coupled with every effort to try and blank, all helps to keep my noise and the disturbance of my fellow anglers to a minimum.

kirtoncommon1kirtoncommon2kirtoncommon3There were three disturbances today. All hard fighting commons up to 7lb.

On the subject of alarms, I’ve just sold my Fox MX+ alarms and down-graded to a set of 3 Saber S4 alarms plus wireless receiver (bought from tacklehound for the same price as just one of the Fox alarms!). I just couldn’t get on with the Foxes. They didn’t seem particularly sensitive, plus I was replacing the batteries every other trip! I’m well aware the build quality of the Sabers is way behind the Fox’s but aside from just a couple of very minor complaints (a couple of sharp edges could have done with smoothing off in the tooling process, plus the line rollers do have a tendency to spin for a good few seconds after the rod is lifted on a fast take) they do a perfect job for my requirements, and the wireless receiver is just an added bonus.

Maybe I’ll do a post sharing some of my favourite tackle bargains, but at the time of writing this I’m already two write-ups behind.

Sound the alarm!



One thought on “Cause for alarm

  1. Yeah about alarms!
    When I use mine, I cast, put rod in the back rest and on alarm BUT with line passing down the side of the body, clip on bobbin, tension line, tilt rod up off alarm and drop back down with the line over the roller… all done with only an occasional ‘bleep’ up to that stage… 🙂 And after that stage it usually remains quiet for the rest of the day too! LOL.

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