3 is the magic number



9/7/17 – Suffolk Water Park (Big Lake)

Unlike most sessions, there was absolutely no doubt where I was heading today. I had only big fish on my mind (which roughly translates as a blank). Another fair weather session meant limited swim choice but I was determined to do a proper recce of the available spots, rather than just being lazy and jumping into the nearest swim to the car park. This did however involve quite a bit of trekking. There are some beautiful feature-rich areas adjacent to the car park, but I could see no signs of life and I finally settled for what is normally a very popular location, right at the end of the inner spur of the large horseshoe.


I had spotted a couple of fish about 10′ off the far bank, plus a single fish crashed out right in front of me. That was enough to make my mind up. Almost two hours after arriving, I finally had three rods out. The first time, incidentally, that I’ve fished three rods! I found a gravel bar about halfway out and sat the two main rods out on this after spombing out a bucket full of hemp, pellet and crushed boilie (# first mistake). The right rod was flicked out just a couple of rod lengths on the spot where the fish crashed out.

It was the middle rod’s day today. When the alarm first sprung into life, the only thing going through my mind as I leapt from my chair, was ‘it’s gonna be a new pb!’, and you know what? – I was right!


Not quite what I had in mind, but at just under 6lb a new pb bream.

Two hours later, when i’d just about removed all the slime from my hands, middle rod was off again resulting in a new pb of 6lb 12oz, and half an hour later, yet another improvement on that with another of exactly 7lb.


Yes, in hindsight, with the spomb contents, I probably asked for their attention (#lessonlearned) but it sure beats a blank.





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