Sweet Sixteen

25/6/17 – Somewhere in Suffolk.

A nice early start. A brief pause to sweep up the layer of bird feathers from the kitchen floor and a quick ‘wheelie-bin-burial’ for the previous owner of the feathers, before hitting the road north-bound with a choice of two locations.

Deciding not to take any punishment Melton had in store for me today, I headed for my little hideaway out in the sticks. In my very first post about this location, I mentioned a conversation with the bailiff where he had told me about two young lads who had caught fifty carp between them in one session! At the time I took this tale with the pinch of salt I thought it deserved but I’ve since come to learn the possibilities this lake has to offer.14

My prayers for an empty lake were answered when I arrived to find not another soul around. I set one rod up on the ledger which I cast to the far margin (where the larger fish usually lurk due to it being inaccessible from that side of the lake). The other rod was to be my surface rod for the day. I’d brought my bucket of dog biscuits and within a few minutes I was in to my first sprightly young carp. To be honest, I wasn’t totally prepared for a day of surface fishing and was somewhat limited with my hook bait options. While these carp are incredibly greedy and confident feeders, they still spook quite easily at poorly presented hook bait. Boilies are mouthed or just ignored, so my remaining options were hair-rigged biscuits or the crust from my sandwiches (which was all I was prepared to sacrifice). Neither of these options like to stay on the hook for long so it proved to be a busy day re-baiting. Nevertheless, it was still a very fruitful day.

Sixteen fish made it into the net. About five slipped the hook. I had one run on the ledger rod which I lost in the far snags. Not quite as bad as the other bloke who turned up halfway through the day and watched as the rod and reel he’d borrowed from a friend was snatched out of his hands as he was setting it on the rest, and disappeared into the depths, despite a frantic scrabble around in the shallows before it vanished. I couldn’t help chuckle, and as he packed and left, I promised to keep an eye out for it.

Some you win.


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