Sticking to my guns

10/6/17 – Hintlesham Specimen Lake

With spawning just about finished, there were once again more than a few choices of destination available to me this morning as I left the house, and it was only while loading the van that I settled on Hintlesham.
A momentary en route wobble brought about deja-vu caused by a previous trips last minute change of tack, only this time I stuck to my guns and Hintlesham remained the target.
The lake was pretty busy but after chatting with a few bleary-eyed bivvy dwellers, i realised that a few swims would be vacated around midday freeing up some more options should the need arise.
I got straight to work feeding the gravel bar and sat both rigs on the near side edge of the bar, then sat back and waited for what would surely be inevitable action. The action turned out to be the sitting back and waiting so when the far corner swim became available I jumped at the opportunity and knowing how much the locals seem to favour this swim (including my mate Ben of Wrappers delight fame) I was feeling pretty excited. When my first speculative cast practically brushed the lower branches of the far overhanging tree and plopped just about as inch perfect as you could ever hope to get without the aid of a toy boat, then I could have gone home a happy man there and then. I decided to spoilt it though and wait for a bite. photo
Both rods let themselves down today and despite sticking to my guns, they both contained blanks.



One thought on “Sticking to my guns

  1. The title of your blog says it all though, Matt. I’ve had many fantastic days by the water, happy to go home having seen a woodpecker or kingfisher… things that I wouldn’t have seen had I been sat in the house. Catching fish is a bonus, especially in the spring or summer. In the winter, not so much…

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