Cruel Summer

28/5/17 – Melton Specimen Lake

IMG_0540So today saw another fruitless trip out for  The Leaf Catcher.
The Carp were spawning at pretty much every other lake locally but Melton is always a few degrees lower, due to it’s dark & mysterious depths. The lake was pretty busy and although I couldn’t get into the swim I would normally opt for on such a glorious day, I was still on the same bank, with access to the end of the island.
The whole 12 hours produced just a few knocks and a couple of tentative pickups. I should imagine, had I opted for a slightly smaller hook bait, I could have at least tempted a tench or one of the pretty sizeable bream present, but no. I’m such a ‘bird in the hand’ kind of guy and as such I find myself empty handed far too often.
The day’s entertainment was provided by a small cormorant which spent the afternoon diving and surfacing with eels, some of which it took up to 10mins to finally swallow without them wriggling back out again.
Sadly, I now make that 11-1 in Melton’s favour.



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