Magnificent Seven

18/4/17 – Kirton Hall Lake


I made it to the top of the membership waiting list for Kirton (£65 a year and basically a no-brainer) so I’m therefore able to fish whenever I want, even if there’s a match (they always keep at least a dozen pegs available for members).  I’m pretty sure, without checking the blog posts, I haven’t been to Kirton since January 1st so this trip felt long overdue and I was buzzing at the prospect of tackling the lake on a favourable late spring day, and a mid-week session at that.image

For me, it doesn’t get much better than turning up at a six acre 54 peg lake and discovering it’s just you and one other sharing the lake (awkward bastard!) . I made the most of it by putting the new toys to use again and whacked out a dozen spombs full of a mix of crushed boilies, hemp and mini pellets, over my right hand rod which was clipped up on a clear spot three quarters of the way out (it’s actually pretty weed free all over apart from the pads in between each swim).  The left hand rod was used in a slightly less disciplined fashion, with a single white pop-up, and was just flicked out randomly in various closer in spots.

Within an hour the left hand rod had managed to bag a 7lb mirror and 8lb common. Not so much as a sniff on the right hand rod.

Plus another couple of smaller mirrors for the left hand rod.

Of course I didn’t want to move the right hand rod, after committing so much bait to one spot, but after forgetting myself and reeling in without first clipping up, then guessing the spot for a bit and finally giving in and playing the wrap game, it all got a bit messy on right hand rod. All he could manage were two half hearted runs which pretty quickly dropped the hook and a more positive take which instantly snapped the hook link. Forget right hand rod. He’s an idiot! An expensive idiot!

Meanwhile, left hand rod was having a field day. Over 10lb’s calls for ‘timer-cam’ piccies.

These fish were three of the hardest fighting fish I’ve ever had. It sounds ridiculous for fish of this meagre size, but Kirton’s commons fight like fish twice their size from any other lake round here. Perhaps the time of year was also a factor in their current peak fitness levels. I must get back to the bank in the next couple of weeks and see if I can’t tempt one of the bigger specimen commons which are now running into the early twenties!

Till next time. Thanks for reading.




One thought on “Magnificent Seven

  1. Congrats on getting your place!
    Sounds like its a ‘jewel’ in your area? 🙂
    Yep, same thrill for me when I got my place in Kinver Freeliners AC (our area’s ‘jewel’ club) in 2015 after 4 years on the list… and I hear its a 6 year wait now!

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