Losing in front of your home crowd

30/12/16  &  1/1/17. Kirton Hall Lake

Hoping to resolve my current fish drought, I managed to squeeze in a couple of trips to Kirton. My last session of 2016 (in zero-degrees misty fog with half the lake frozen) and my first of 2017 (torrential rain with occasional breaks revealing an absolute mill-pond-calm stillness).

During two full day sessions, all I had was one tentative drop-back bite which amounted to nothing. Even a desperate attempt to bag a consolation bream resulted in failure!

I suppose the only positive is I can say is that I’ve managed to fish every single day of 2017.

Happy New Year everyone and good luck in your quests for the forthcoming year.



5 thoughts on “Losing in front of your home crowd

    1. Yes I do. I was amazed when he said he’d managed to blog without fail every week. That’s quite an achievement, but fishing every single day!!! That’s the stuff dreams are made of.
      Good luck and tight lines for 2017


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