Who knew?

18/12/16 -?
The plan for today was to go to Kirton and restore some normality and more importantly sanity to proceedings. Unfortunately, the fishing gods had other plans for me, and a last minute check of the website revealed that there was yet another silvers match, putting pay to my plan (which clearly involved no forward planning whatsoever). 

With everything then up in the air, my current obsession with blanking at Suffolk Waterpark suddenly sprang to the forefront of the other options available to me. Honestly, I just can’t let it go. If Kirton gives me a 95% chance of putting a carp on the bank, then the Big Lake at Suffolk Waterpark is easily 5%. All day long.

So I set out for SWP, but as I approached the junction that could divert me to Hintlesham (and a 50% chance of avoiding disappointment), a split-second internal battle took place, and seeing sense, I turned towards Hintlesham. Battle two commenced before I reached the next roundabout, during which I managed to convince myself that I shouldn’t ignore my first instinct as, ‘how would I feel if today was the day at SWP and I’d changed my mind and gone elsewhere?’ Naturally I used the roundabout to its fullest.

As it happened, today wasn’t the day. Who knew?!


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