It’s about time.

I have many vivid memories of fishing on the banks of the Great river Ouse as a boy back in the eighties, including many trips underlined by the startling image of my Dad striding scarlet-faced up the tow path towards me, which usually meant, once again, that I’d lost all track of time and was “bloody late for tea!”.

I have since come to realise that the years I spent ‘in the doghouse’ were through no fault of my own, and that in actual fact, I’d simply fallen foul of the time-bending phenomenon which I believe all anglers experience.

Here’s the science bit –

If we take a ‘normal’ 1 hour period of time, we can see what happens to it when we expose it to the fishing converter:

1 hr x (standard fishing) = feels like 20 mins

1 hr x (the last hour of a fishing session) = feels like 5 mins

Using the above converter we can see that a ‘normal’ 12 hours fishing actually only feels like 3 hours 45 mins

In stark contrast we can also see below, the effect on time away from the bank:

1 hr x (waiting for next fishing trip) = feels like 3 hrs

Till next time…


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