No alarms and no surprises.

3/12/16 – Suffolk Waterpark (the Big Lake)

I can see this going the same way as my relationship with Melton’s specimen lake. The scores at Melton are currently 10-1 in the favour of the lake and yet I still keep going back for more. The Waterpark may just be my new obsession and could easily find itself at the top of my ‘favourite places to blank’ chart.

Under advisement from the friendly owner in the shop, I chose the car park swim today. It is in fact so close to the car park that you could easily fish from the car, or at the very least, sleep in the car on an overnighter (probably frowned upon) as long as you’re prepared to vault the fence should the alarms start to scream.

I switched to the swim next door ‘Caspers Rest’ for the last four hours of the session, just to spread the blank around a bit. Turns out Casper is a bloody big rat and he doesn’t rest much.

Casper is in this shot, although he’s a bit blurry as he was on the move.

One thought on “No alarms and no surprises.

  1. There’s some good stuff here and in your last post – Pot Noodle made with tea, Rats in the swim, fishing from cars. You sir, are a truly innovative angler. Hats off.

    Catching actual real fish could prove to be a distraction, and then we’d all miss out on your detailed tackle reviews (The Leaf Catcher – I definitely need one of those) and culinary advice.

    Keep it up.

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