One last carp.

28/8/16 – Somewhere in Suffolk.

Back once again. A problem trying to book online for Kirton Hall meant a return to this peaceful oasis instead. The lake was busy today i.e. two of its four swims were already taken.

There was a lot of activity on the surface as usual but I stuck to the bottom hoping to tempt some larger fish. It wasn’t long before the first fish arrived and then a fairly steady flow of fish followed through the afternoon. I am now convinced that it would actually be perfectly possible to achieve a haul of fifty (albeit small) carp during a 12hr session, if you specifically targetted the smaller surface feeders off the top. All you’d need is a loaf of bread.

All in all, I banked ten carp. Mostly between 3 and 6 pounds (one no bigger than my hand which I didn’t photograph), plus a couple of roach. The biggest (just under 10lbs) I deemed worthy of attempting a timer-cam ‘selfish’.

As I entered the last half hour of the session, it became less ‘last cast’ and more ‘last carp’, and right on cue the tenth carp arrived.

Some days it’s just nice to catch, and catch well. It’s too easy to become obsessed about ‘the biggest fish in the lake’. Maybe next visit I’ll go all out for quantity and see just what’s possible here.

Till next time – keep it reel


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