Product placement

20/8/16 – Somewhere in Suffolk


On one of my recent trips with a friend we were chatting about our set-ups and respective gear choices which progressed to me ranting on about these tackle tarts you see around who literally have every single piece of new gear going (x3), and always the most expensive version including every ‘must-have’ gadget and gizmo designed to take the effort and skill out of this most basic pursuit. I can hear the word hypocrite approaching over the horizon at an embarrassingly alarming rate.

In my defence though, my recent acquisitions have come about as a result of a ‘heavily funded’ supermarket sweep style trolley dash through my local friendly tackle shop.

Today, I brought a few of these new toys with me to test and also to practice with, dictating the choice of a quiet venue, and as luck would have it I ended up with the lake to myself for most of the day.

I bought a throwing stick, to try and take some of the pressure of my current ridiculous catapult situation. (I’m on my fourth catapult now in about a year and I figure there’s only so much someone should sensibly spend on them).

I also bought a spomb. A strange purchase, especially considering I don’t have any dedicated means of dispatching it #impulsepurchase.

I also brought with me a marker rod set-up to play with (that I borrowed from a friend) and to use the rod to spomb with.

I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed all the experimenting and the spombing seemed to pay off with the two larger specimens from the far side. Unfortunately at some point I also managed to flick the switch of my new Fox alarm off, resulting in a lost rig after I discovered it had been carried off into the roots on the far bank.

On on the subject of the throwing stick. Who would’ve known it would have such a learning curve? (Intended) When I was a kid it was much more straight forward – you found a stick, and you threw it. For some reason the projectiles’ trajectories exactly resembled my golf slice, reminding me again why I fish and don’t go a-round spoiling a nice walk.

A few more smaller mirrors came from the closer rod before the day was done. The fish on the left spat out the two large stones in the net just as I was unhooking it. Strange creatures. Wouldn’t it be great to watch them foraging around on the bottom and see exactly what’s going on right out in front of you? Maybe I’ll get one of those… No! That would be ridiculous.


6 thoughts on “Product placement

    1. Still exciting I’m sure, whatever the cost. I get like a kid in a sweet shop whenever I’m in my local tackle shop. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still very much on a budget – both rods 20 quid each and my bait runners likewise. I’m well aware of false economy though (I ended up buying approx 6 bait runners in the early days for between 5 – 10 quid, which all failed me pretty quickly).
      We live and learn.


      1. My favourite reels are Crivit ones from Lidl ‘Special Buys’ events… 6 years on and still work like a dream … baitrunners, 3000 and 5000 size… ca £12 – £15 (price rose the years), probably got 10 of them…

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  1. Like it!
    SPOMB – brilliant bit of kit – I have all 3 sizes. Brilliant for putting out almost anything (liquids being the one failure…)… far far better than a spod… and I use mine for dispatching out dry crumb (the ultimate cloud) among other things… used with a 80-120g lure rated 9′ spinning rod….

    “Wouldn’t it be great to watch them foraging around on the bottom and see exactly what’s going on right out in front of you? Maybe I’ll get one of those… No! That would be ridiculous.” … Well on YouTube the videos are amazing BUT UK waters tend to be very clouded unlike the mainly USA shown ones … and anything more than a yard away from the lens (WaterWolf) is very difficult to discern what is what – and often that needs a lot of playing with video editors adjusting contrast/gamma/saturation/brightness/etc …. scan YouTube for me (Stephen Ridd) and you’ll see some WaterWolf videos of mine… I wear mine more on a headband these days than underwater…


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