Any Bream will do.

4/8/16 – Suffolk Waterpark, Traditional Lake

I Hooked up today with Gavin, an old football team mate to tackle the traditional lake for the fourth time. Therefore, and also due to a serious lack of activity to report, I’ll be littering this post with as many footy references as I possibly can.

     Unfortunately, due to too many players turning up, we ended up being played slightly out of position (my poor choice of the swims left available). I wanted to be tight to the island but overhead casting was hampered by the tree and a strong crosswind. I found myself having to kneel just to avoid clipping low hanging branches. My only proper shot on target resulted in a take just as I was setting the rod down, but when I struck all I got was a missing hook link. (Possibly an eager jack pike take on the drop).

     The midfield general to my left wasn’t doing much better but kept plugging away trying to make something happen. Eventually he gave in and brought the method feeder on. Reminded me of a ‘funny’ from old England glory days – “Nothing says ‘Fuck-it’ like bringing on Heskey”. But when you’re scratching around trying to get a result, sometimes you’ll do anything just to get a bite, and the method will normally tempt something.

     I on the other hand, had had enough. I’d spotted a position someone had left wide open so I took my ball and stomped off to play the rest of the game by myself in the corner. 

Whilst I felt better about my change of scenery, the score (for me at least) remained the same. Gav however was playing golden goal as his change of tactics paid off with the tidy bream below.

A few more skimmers followed and while some of the spectators had already left the stadium and were on their way home (I had to get home before six šŸ™‚ ), Gav slotted the winner home in the shape of a 3lb common.

Well played that man.


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