Parting Shot

27/7/16 – Hintlesham Specimen Lake

I now have the luxury of two weeks off work, so I’m hoping that will afford me time to carry out a couple of mid-week bank jobs.

For some reason today, I decided to stare down the barrel of a gun. Both barrels. I had my sights set on either Hintlesham specimen lake or Suffolk Waterpark Big Lake (mainly due to a misunderstanding with a work colleague 🙂 Not that I was particularly phased as both barrels clearly contained blanks.

Yes, I love a challenge, but to me the Big Lake still seems like a ridiculously massive obstacle to attempt for a ‘carper’ of my calibre, so even though I still had a little ‘Big Lake’ voice in the back of my head when I hit the road, Hintlesham ended up being my final destination.

When I arrived there were only two swims available which was disappointing, with most people having pitched up for at least a couple of nights, and the chap in the swim I was hoping for having set up camp for the whole week!

I opted for peg 10 which although fairly featureless, had less snags close-in, should the unexpected actually occur. My ammunition for the day was the no-brainier ‘Cell’, plus a new choice – Sticky’s new ‘Manilla’. The weather was a bit iffy. On/off showers but still hot and high pressure. I therefore took the bivvy for its third ever bankside visit which completely changed the dynamic of this trip, enabling me to relax in positive luxury while it absolutely tipped it down outside.

The two guys on my right were going great guns, having had one in the early hours of the morning and then a couple more while I was there, including a very nice 22lb mirror. Thanks to them for allowing me to steal a few photos and share in their glory.

It was good to spend a few minutes chatting with a couple of like-minded anglers clearly enjoying their sport.

I continued with my scatter-gun approach randomly spraying casts left, right and centre throughout the afternoon while baiting up just off the pads, close in to my right. I had a few pickups and knocks but nothing more. Unfortunately my itchy trigger finger means I just can’t sit on one cast all day despite being more confident than ever of current rig presentation, and I even resorted to air-to-surface missile tactics in the hope of targeting some of the showing fish.

Come 5.30 I was out of rounds and decided to bring the rods in close (both about a couple of rod lengths out), and just chuck a couple of handfuls of pellets on top of each. Another half hour meant time to start packing up and while packing down the bivvy the right rod sprung into life. Lifting into it I knew it was a good fish and the next ten minutes was pretty squeaky before it finally rolled into the net.Thanks to Shaun for his assistance with the weighing and photo. Much appreciated. I almost jumped for joy when I prematurely thought I’d beaten my pb, but it turned out to be my second biggest fish at 18.5. Not a trace of disappointment though and not a blank in sight.


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