8 come out on top

10/7/16 – Somewhere in Suffolk

Today, more than most, was about getting away from it all. I set off in search of a quiet spot and hoped the slightly overcast outlook would ensure that it was a possibility. A quick game of petrol roulette, (in which I came out unscathed) and then it was pedal to the metal again.
When I arrived I thought the lake was full, but the lake owners who were having a family fishing outing, very kindly let me squeeze in next to them. I started off with both rods on the bottom but after a couple of hours with no bites  I decided to change it up. I’d made sure I packed a few rounds of bread and cracked open the new controller float I’d just bought. The rewards were instant and first cast resulted in a lively 8lb mirror.

The beauty of this lake is that you can surface fish all day without fear of catching something which belongs in the air! The main worry then becomes can you keep the bread on the hook/hair long enough to tempt a bite before it disappears.

I hooked two fish on the ledger rod but lost them both close to the net. The surface approach continued to pay off though and seven more fish graced the net before it was time to pack up. Although none were any bigger than the first, they were all more than welcome and it was great to get back in touch with a method which requires constant eagle-eyed attention, even if that mean’t I couldn’t just sit on my arse all day.



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