A paradise, and a war zone.

image 4/6/16 -Melton Specimen lake

Ok. There’s no escaping the fact that in the grand scheme of things, I’m still an extremely inexperienced ‘carper’, who regularly goes about carpy business in completely the wrong way. Today, I’m fairly confident, was no exception.

I think I must be obsessed with ground bait. I love mixing it up like I’m some kind of bankside piscine alchemist, and then just flinging it everywhere. The more ingredients the better as far as I’m concerned. I’ve also just bought a boilie grinder to facilitate the addition of boilie ‘granules’ to the mix. Whether this whole charade has anything to do with attracting carp, is actually completely irrelevant I’m pretty sure, and simply serves as another entertaining distraction, while I’m invariably waiting for nothing to happen.

Unfortunately today, within a few minutes of chumming out, I’d managed to turn my swim into a war zone. I’m used to not having to worry about pike at Kirton, but Melton holds a good head of pretty sizeable old Esox, about four of which were regularly smashing through the wall-to-wall roach my ground baiting antics had managed to attract.

I decided to back off and just soak up some rays. The carp arrived, patrolling just beneath the surface come early afternoon. I switched a rod to surface tactics but couldn’t tempt any into a bite.  In the last half hour I targetted some big roach and ended up banking six lumps ranging from about a quarter to a half pound. I always find a fish of any denomination cushions the ‘blank’ blow to a certain extent and reminds me what the hell i’m doing and how this fishing bug all came about.

7-1     I’ll be back Melton. You haven’t got the better of me yet.


One thought on “A paradise, and a war zone.

  1. Know what you mean about the multi-ingredient groundbait!! I’m the same … always tinkering with the recipe. Base mix, I think, has 7-8 ingredients – to which I add various mini-pellets, rice, wheat, maggots, hemp, hemp oil, etc at the waterside!!! LOL!

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