21/5/16 – Melton specimen lake

I felt drawn to Melton today. Carp have started spawning at my other usual haunts and they are generally later to ‘perform’ at Melton so it seemed like a good choice at the time and if a similar decision at the same time last year was anything to go by … Anything could happen.

I found the far side of the island free and settled on the ‘Beach’ which was a peg I’d fished before. This was my first visit to Melton with ‘proper’ carp rigs and bait I had confidence in.image

I baited the island margins and got the rods out on top. Bizarrely, before I could set the right hand rod down, it was already off! Fish on. Lead was dumped in the reeds and the fish kited left across my other line, then right into to reeds on the near side. Just as i got it free again, it slipped the hook.

The rest of the day passed without much activity until about 4 when I hooked and lost another from the same spot. The rest of the lake was just as quiet all day. At least it wasn’t just me struggling. I do feel like I’m gaining knowledge of the lake with every visit though and I’m much more confident about future visits. It definitely has a strange allure to it.

I’ll be back. And sooner rather than later. I do love a challenge.



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