The heat is on.

8/5/16 – Somewhere in Suffolk

So today saw a return to a venue which, on my first and only other visit, turned up three sub-5lbers. At the time I had no clue about the place and it really was a bit of a punt. It intrigued me, but I left thinking that perhaps it didn’t actually contain anything bigger, and that the stories I’d heard were complete fiction. I was only intending to fish from midday onwards and was just after a nice relaxing afternoon chill-out session, hoping the place would be deserted like the last time. When I arrived I got a bit of a shock. Presumably the ‘hottest day of the year so far’ had stirred the myriad fellow anglers into action. Luckily there was one spot left so I grabbed it. image

It’s an intimate venue which only has five ‘spots’ to fish from, but two of those spots can comfortably accommodate three anglers. On my right, and well within earshot, there were a couple of teenage lads who kept me amused all afternoon with their healthy competitive banter. It was great to see a couple of youngsters getting out and enjoying their fishing so much. It took me back to my days as a boy and the hours spent on the banks of the Great Ouse.

It didn’t take long to realise most of the fish were in the upper layers and there were PLENTY of them, and not just tiddlers either! I’d forgotten my rod pod and only had one bank stick and an old bite alarm (as I always leave the rod pod set up with the alarms on). Due to this fuck up, And the weather situation, I set a leger rod up on the alarm and then spent most of the afternoon  stood in the blazing sun, scanning the surface for fish to drop a bait in front of. I was using an old bubble float and floating boilie and had two fish within ten minutes of each other.

On the opposite bank a couple of guys were pulling in double after double using controller float tactics. The venue really was a different animal today. At about 4pm I had a strange take on the leger rod when I noticed the rod tip quivering but no sound on the alarm. I thought perhaps it was a small silver but when I lifted the rod it was clear it was something decent. Five minutes later and I had a weathered looking mirror on the bank. Thanks to one of the lads for the photo. What a perfect afternoon.


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