Revenge, in the traditional manor.

1/5/16 – Suffolk Water Park (traditional lake)

Not that I’ve been taking blanks personally recently, but I do feel like I’ve had a bit of a ‘going over’ on most of my recent trips and it does send the mind frantically searching for the reasons and questioning whether I actually deserve to be calling myself a fisherman at all, let alone writing a blog about the whole sorry mess.

Peg 10, gave me access to the island to the left and the open water, out in front

So, with two carp-blanks on my only two previous visits, the trad lake was definitely one deserving of some ‘non-personal’ retribution. The weather was absolutely beautiful, perfect for sunbathers, and for the most part that was all the carp seemed intent on doing for the day.

The left hand rod kept getting pick ups but nothing major. Unfortunately when I finally brought it in, the local mussel had ganged up on it. I assume the small bites were the carp having a go at the cluster of mussels surrounding the bait.

Musselling in on the action!

I’ve been meaning to get on the Mainline Cell for a while now so today was the first test for that. My rigs are now all fluoro-leader-hybrid-lead-clipped up (thanks to all the Catch 22 prep) and to start off with I had the island rod on cell snowman with white pop up. I had a strong run but as I lifted into it the 15lb fluoro hook link snapped. Probably gave it too much mussel 😋

Thanks to my new Fortis polarised glasses, I could clearly see the fish fighting over themselves to ignore my bait for the rest of the afternoon, and just as I was readying myself to receive yet more Grievous Blanking Harm, the island rod screamed off again. This time went differently though and after a hard 10 min fight a beautiful mirror rolled over the net cord.

A 14lb near fully scaled mirror and a sight for my sore eyes

Shortly afterwards I almost managed my ‘first zig-caught carp’ on the right hand rod when my bait was slurped up then immediately spat out. I wasn’t bothered though. That will come, I’m sure of it. Today was about something else, and I’m proud with the result.


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