Making plans …

5/3/16 – Kirton Hall Lake

A cold and wet day, but I chose an end peg today(27) hoping to find the better fish. Rigs have been changed and tweaked over the last few weeks, due to an upcoming ‘major’ event which is all very exciting.

Today brought emptiness yet again though. The one and only run today eventually took me into yet another snag, just as one of the blokes next door skipped over to say congratulations (due to their boredom I should imagine, as they’d had less excitement than me).

So, the plan is for my first overnighter on March 28th, at the very well respected ‘Catch 22’ in Norfolk. I’m hooking up again with Ben from work for the first 24hrs and then he’s booked to fish on for the next 48hrs. We’ve got peg 32 which is a double peg and can only be reached by boat. Should be an experience whether we catch or not but fingers crossed for big things. It’ll be good fun to see what this bivvy bollocks is all about.

 A new perspective

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