Stranger in a strange land.

So, last week, before venturing to Hinderclay, I was contemplating another new venue a little closer to home.

It was a place I’d found on google maps and through a business contact I managed to get hold of the number for the bailiff. No info seemed to exist anywhere online about it though, so it was almost as if I’d stumbled on some sort of hidden secret. The bailiff had thoroughly whet my appetite with a story of ‘two young lads’ who two weeks prior, had ‘stopped counting when they got to fifty’. Now, I may just have completely misread the situation, but I was sure he’d said it was carp the lads were emptying the lake of 🤔

When I finally found the entrance to the lake, i was surprised to see it was far bigger than I was expecting and being the only one there, it did feel like I had discovered a potential ‘rare gem’ of a lake. There were only four spots around the lake to fish from and having the place to myself I decided to choose a section along the long fishable side which allowed me access to cast to most of the lake.

Almost immediately I was getting a lot of tentative pick up and drop type bites which suggested there was a lot of ‘small fry’ about. I finally connected to one of the positive takes and landed a small stockie of about 2lb. It’s doppelgänger followed about half an hour later from a cast as close to the opposite bank as (I thought) I could get.

Then a most bizarre thing happened – I sent another cast soaring to the far side, and rather than it falling about ten feet short, as all previous casts had done, it plunged into the bushes on the far side. I assumed that would be ‘goodbye rig’ but luckily I had a chod rig on this rod so when I wrenched the rod backwards the lead flew back towards me and plopped into the middle of the lake. I immediately wound in the slack and upon reaching the lead, I realised the lead was putting up a fight! Remarkably the whole rig had stayed intact and been grabbed on splash-down by yet another pretty little mirror. I don’t care how they come. Anything beats a blank.


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