Snags and Twitching

Kirton hall lake – 13/2/16

Peg 10 . I felt confident I was going to get some reward today but unfortunately 3 runs turned into mysterious snags (where I wouldn’t have expected any obstacles) and resulted in nothing but disappointment.

But in these idyllic surroundings the disappointment is short lived and turns to wonder and an enormous sense of wellbeing, as I witness a positive plethora of our feathered friends. More than I can ever remember:

2x skeins of geese,

the usual gulls, pigeons, ducks, crows and the large hawk which I can’t identify (sparrow hawk or buzzard is my guess)

moorhens, coots, blue tit, great tit, long-tailed tit, wren, robin,

green woodpecker, pheasant, heron, kestrel, & rogue cormorant!

Bill Oddie would have been off his tits.




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