Back to earth

16/1/16 – Kirton Hall Lake

Anticipating arctic conditions, I left the house suitably attired this morning. Slightly restricted in movement and feeling like Joey in the episode of Friends where he decides to ‘show’ Chandler all his (Chandler’s) clothes, by wearing them, all, everything. As it turned out, the day was absolutely beautiful. It may have been only about 4 degrees but the sun beamed down on me all day, forcing me to peel off the layers as it slowly warmed up. 

Sightings of a kestrel, heron, pheasants, and late (in the day, not dead*) robin, and a couple of deer across the far side of the lake, made, along with the glorious weather, for an emmensely rewarding bank side experience. The sort of day where you don’t really mind whether you catch or not. But in hindsight, it would have been nice!

bonus ‘scary movie’ for all you horror fans. 

It seems almost as though the amount of bankside paraphernalia I accrue, is inversely proportional to the amount of fish I catch.

Till next time.

Oh yes,

*cock robin – that’s another story entirely (one for another day).


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