2015 – in short

It was a good year for getting out on the bank, which I managed far more than last year, although unlike last year I just found it incredibly hard and low on rewards. I fished through the winter through some pretty grim conditions and started off the year with a lovely chunky 15lb common  at Kirton.image

Always up for new experiences, I even entered one of Kirtons monthly matches which certainly put my very basic watercraft skills to the test and put me firmly back in my place.

The plan, as always for the year, was to beat my personal best which sat at 16lb 8oz with a beautiful long ghost common also from Kirton. Things just didn’t ever really seem to click though and despite a few nice fish here and there, come spawning time I was scratching my head a little.image

Spawning seemed to last forever, presumably due to the prolonged heat, and I found myself at Melton one Saturday in early June when the carp were still crashing around at Kirton. A new bait choice for me (the Krill) bagged me a completely unexpected pb of 18.12. Which I was over the moon with, mainly due to my ongoing rocky relationship with Melton.image

The latter half of 2015 was just as sparse as the first, apart from one trip late September resulting in 8 carp and a tench, but I teamed up with a few buddies on separate occasions at some previously untried venues, which definitely changes the dynamic of a session and is always useful when it comes to picking up tips and tricks from those more experienced than me.

In total I probably ended the year with around 25 carp, much less than 2014, but hey, it’s not just about catching fish. Oh yeah, and I started a fishing blog!


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