The curse of the blog

28/12/15 – Suffolk Water Park (trad lake)

Have you ever set out on a fishing trip and still not been entirely sure where you’re going?

I’d decided to give Kirton a rest and so it was a toss up between Hintlesham  and SWP but as I hit the road I was still undecided. The turn off to Hintlesham grew closer, and then came and went. So that was that and an opportunity to put things right on the traditional lake had come around again.

On arrival at the shop, it was unclear whether there would be room so I was told to give the trad a look and if I couldn’t squeeze in I could jump on one of the match lakes, of which they have two. Anyway, as it happened, there were a few spots available so I took my pick and set up in anticipation of a healthy dose of revenge. Only a few minutes into the session, a tentative take resulted in a small skimmer. Not what I had in mind.

The rest of the day went without event although I did try a bout of spinning on one rod just to try and liven things up, but to no avail.

Could it be the blog? Has it cursed my luck? Is it just my own woeful ineptitude and all my previous catches were just flukes? Surely not, but I’m sure starting to wonder.


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