Pork Greaves and Roving

19/12/15 – Kirton Hall Lake
Ok. So I wasn’t expecting to get to the bank again quite so soon so, apart from adding a bit of anti tangle tubing to my rigs while setting up, I’ve made no changes to things at all. They say ‘the definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results’. Perhaps they’re right but I just like to keep it simple as you can see.

Anyway there might be a chod rig, a 360 rig, or some bastardisation of the two heading this way. At the very least, some lead putty 🙂

So there I was, peg 21. There was a guy in the corner on 22 who had already been there an hour when I arrived and a chap halfway along the end wall. We waited…

I read a post on a forum the other day where a bloke was extolling the virtues of hot-dog sausages as a fantastic carp bait. Now, I’ve used meat before (luncheon meat, tinned spicy meat, even pepperami) , not hot dogs but I’ll give anything a try, so I had gone armed with a tin of the finest dogs 50 pence can buy.
 This particular brand are called ‘Kingsfood’, so are presumably the hot-dog-sausage choice of many a Royal. Unfortunately the tin was without a ring pull and all I had to attack it with was the remnants of a retractable knife and several bait needles. 15 mins later I had access to the jewels within. I’m fairly sure they’ve got some sort of precious stone dust in them cos they tasted pretty gritty. Scanning the ingredients though left me scratching my head and wondering just who in their right mind would decide that these things had, or should ever be classed as having anything to do with what we call, food.

Decide for yourself:

Ingredients – 59% chicken, water, pork rind, pork greaves, wheat, beef collagen casing, pork collagen, pork, pork fat, smoke flavouring, stabiliser (E451i), herbs (contains celery), garlic powder, preservative (E250), brine. May contain traces of milk soya, egg and mustard.

Anyway, I digress. The guy in the corner was on the move. ‘Give it a chance mate’ I’m thinking. The chap on the end wall and myself continued to sit it out while the ‘rover’ kept on roving. He moved three more times before the light started to fade and just as ‘last casts’ were looming, he was into a fish. From what I could see as he slipped the net under it, it looked like a decent carp too.
More lessons perhaps. Especially given the time of year and the fact that the carp just won’t be moving as much now. Still, every day’s a school day, but more importantly…

…what the fuck are pork greaves?!




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