Kirton calls



First home game in a while scheduled for tomorrow. Looking forward to finding the net (properly this time) and can’t wait to try out some new bits of kit.

Roll on tomorrow!

16/12/15 – Kirton Hall Lake

The weather was extremely promising this morning and being back at Kirton, I had a lot of confidence about today’s trip.

For a mid week day quite a few people had turned out. A group of guys were having a match up at the wider end of the lake and there were a couple of carpers mid way down on the near side so I opted for old fave peg 6, which generally comes up with the goods when other areas are quiet. Today was also a chance to test the new bivvy and brolly (early Christmas presents because my beautiful wife is unable to keep secrets – win/win)

imageAnywho, just before setting up i was chatting to the chap in the next swim as he nonchalantly brought in an upper double mirror. Definitely a good day, i thought.

It didn’t take me long to realise I wasn’t on my game though. Casting was way off the mark, taking two or three attempts to get anywhere close to where I needed to be and as a result I ended up ‘making do’ a lot of the time. I stuck with the usual groundbait mix of seven blended herbs and spices (Something I always do which ends up much like a spod mix of sorts) which is despatched with the ‘trusty’ catapult. Unfortunately, as expected, my most reliable and effective Fox ‘pult finally bit the dust. In anticipation, I had already purchased a replacement but I couldn’t get the same one again and the Guru understudy started to split at the pouch within a dozen flings (lesson learned).

The first bite came at Midday and resulted in an 8 pound common. Relief!

Ensuing bouts of nothing at all gave me the opportunity to erect  my very first bivvy. 15 minutes and it was up, not perfect, due to the slope, but good practice and I’m certainly looking forward to using it ‘for real’. The new brolly was also road tested and guaranteed the rain held off for the day. I had three more fish on before the day was done but they all slipped the hook, leaving me questioning my methods and planning wholesale rig changes. Watch this space!image


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