More firsts



A new wingman (no, no more ducks today!), and a new venue for me. Suffolk water park for the very first time (the traditional lake), with organised-play-date and more experienced carper JC.

Conditions for the day were nigh-on perfect, apart from the strong winds (not that it matters to the fish) and we grabbed a couple of pegs (24 & 25) close to the island so everything looked rosy and all we needed to do was start hauling. Four hours later without a bite between us and I switched to corn just to try and tempt some form of activity. It had the desired effect, and within half an hour I’d had a couple of pick-ups and a missed run.

Not long later, the same bait in exactly the same spot produced an identical run. After such a dry spell, I was more than happy to wind in a large tea bag as you can probably tell by the photo.

I then switched back to doubled-up krill boilie hoping to entice any loitering carp but only succeeded in nabbing a slightly bigger tea bag. That was the story of the day and unfortunately despite having the most promising run of the day (an absolute screamer), JC lifted into … nothing and reeled in to discover a neatly severed hook link, leaving us scratching our heads trying to work out what could have happened (possibly a pike?) – Who knows?

Anyway, it was still an enjoyable day and hopefully we can re-visit and put things straight.


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