A glutton for punishment.


So, a couple of days off work allows me to grab a cheeky day at the bank and for some reason (probably because I had already scheduled a trip to Kirton for the weekend) I decided to head to Melton and the specimen lake.
Notoriously hard, it’s one of those lakes where to reap any serious rewards you’ve really got to be piling in the bait, and probably over at least a 24hr session. Knowing this, I still plug away at it on random day sessions, not surprisingly, with little or no result. I’ve been a total of five times now and blanked (carp) on four. The odd successful trip bizarrely turning up my current pb which must surely be a freak ‘right place, right time’ stroke of luck, emphasised by that one take being the only bite of the whole day.image
Today, however, was going to be different. As it wasn’t busy I managed to nab a swim I thought was a dead cert (on the boards closest to the island). It was a mild day (about 10 degrees) and slightly overcast, but the rain held off. So I hugged the island for most of the day and the most activity I saw was the rats frolicking in the lower branches of the bushes on the island. The last couple of hours saw me switching to corn on both rods, managing a few tentative drop back bites and one take which I missed.

5-1 Melton


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