Off to a flying start…

An away game (trip to Taswood Lakes) – Sunday 22nd Nov.

A work colleague and I have been trying to co-ordinate our fishing schedules for some time now and we finally managed to nail down a date and arranged to ‘hook up’ at a venue he’d been to, and achieved success at, previously, namely Taswood Lakes in Norfolk.

A far more seasoned and experienced carper, he had decided to do an ‘overnighter’ and pitched up on the Saturday afternoon. I arranged to join him the next morning. Unfortunately the weather, having been really mild, decided to switch completely and temperatures dropped dramatically, subjecting him to below freezing bivvy conditions. Despite this, I found him at 7.30 on the Sunday morning remarkably cheery, greeting me with “where the f have you been, I’ve just caught one and I’ve still got him in the sling cos I was expecting you to be here by now”.image

After the weigh-in (12lb) , photoshoot and release we both then settled in to an extremely uneventful and cold day. Unfortunately, I didn’t even manage a run, until the ducks turned up that is.

Now, fishing a bright orange boilie in 4′ of water, with patrolling ducks is always going to be fraught with risk. I’d been watching them like a hawk any time they came near and they were regularly diving for food. I wound in a couple of times when they got too close for comfort, but pushed my luck when one dived about ten feet from the mark and I decided to sit tight. Sure enough, as duck would have it, the alarm screamed off and all hell broke loose. After 5 mins and a hand from my colleague, I’d got a new personal best!

the village idiot turned up to help out

Anyway, as far as I’m concerned, the fish-off didn’t actually start until I turned up and we were both ‘all in’, and being the only one to bank during that period, well, I’ll take the win 😄

(No ducks were harmed in the making of this post. He was more than happy to hang around for the rest of the day and hoover up the freebies)



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